Apart from making contact with the Secretary or with a member of the club, we will require you to complete a declaration form that states you are not prohibited by law from possessing firearms and / or ammunition before you will be allowed to have contact with a firearm.

A club application form will need to be completed together with a sponsorship form. The application form also requires two current photographs. One for your membership card  and one for the club records. The sponsorship form requires two sponsors to vouch for your integrity as a stable and sane person. This can be a club member (if you know them personally). The police have to be notified of any person making an application to join a shooting club.

So you filled in the forms and you’ve been accepted as a probationary member, which lasts for a minimum 6 months. What now? Well it’s a case of come and join us in your / our chosen activity and attend the shoots. The club requires that you attend at least 4 shoots per year in order to maintain full membership. Home Office rules require that firearms clubs must inform the police of any member being a firearm certificate holder who hasn’t attended a club shoot in the previous 12 months.

Probationary members will be required to undergo and pass a Club course of training, and reach a safe standard in the various shooting disciplines and handling off the type of weapons they want to shoot both to receive full membership and be supported in applying for their own Firearms Certificate (F.A.C.). Until they pass that training, probationary members will be supervised at all times whilst shooting.

The club supports members who wish to hold their own firearms and ammunition. This doesn’t mean to say that you cannot be a member if you don’t want to own your own firearm, as club guns and ammunition are available.

In order to have the club support your application for an F.A.C. you will need to be a full member having completed your 6 months probationary training period. When you are ready to take the necessary steps to get your F.A.C., you must ask the club secretary if the club will support your application.

It is advisable that when applying for a Firearms Certificate for the first time you should seek help from members of the club as they will be able to advise you on all aspects of the process and requirements.

For more information please email with your name and contact details including a telephone number and convenient time to call you.